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What is Young Life?

Young Life is an intervational non-profit, relational ministry where adults care deeply about the lives of kids - the challenges they're facing, the victories they're celebrating, and most of all, how they engage with God. The purpose of Rutgers Metro Young Life is to bring adventure, friendship, and Jesus into the lives of middle school, high school, and college students around the Rutgers area.
​Who we are
​Young Life is run by staff and volunteers. We as a staff train college students from Rutgers to develop meaningful relationships with kids, mentor them, and help them grow in their faith.
​what we do
​Young Life is characterized by a few components:

Club - Young Life Club is a weekly or monthly (depending on which club you attend) "party with purpose." Kids will sing, play games, and hear a message about Jesus.

Campaigners - This is a weekly or monthly time for students to go deeper in their faith in a small group setting.

Camp - Perhaps the greatest gift Young Life has to offer is camp. Every summer we take a group of students to a Young Life camp for a week. Young Life has dozens of premier properties around the country where kids can wakeboard, play frisbee golf, go rock climbing, hang out with friends, and hear the Gospel in a relatable way, with the guidance of a Young Life leader. 
​Where we are going
​We believe every kid in the Rutgers area - every kid in New Jersey - has the right to hear about Jesus Christ. Young Life is currently at Rutgers University and in 2 high schools and 2 middle schools in the surrounding area. We have a dream that Young Life, and thus, an opportunity for kids to be cared about and know who Jesus is, will be in every high school and middle school in Middlesex & Somerset Counties. 

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